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Life Coach Learning Center offers international training in coaching.

Our training is completely online, in Spanish, and designed to achieve results quickly.

Life coach

Nowadays, life coaching is the most requested coaching specialty worldwide.

Companies and people are increasingly requesting the services of a life coach to improve all behavioral aspects, achieve sustained development and life balance.

Certified Coach

To work as a life coach you must be properly trained.

At LCLC we offer you everything you need to start your career as a certified coach.

Benefits of being a certified life coach

You will have a new profession, in high demand, with excellent income and opportunities.
You will be able to work in your private practice independently, in companies or organizations, or in combinations of both.
In a formal and internationally endorsed way, you will receive all the knowledge required for your career as a life coach.
You will make yourself much more valuable and prepared to expand your current profession or job and receive higher remuneration.

Start your training as an Online Life Coach.

What does the certification scope?


This certified program is a journey of transformation and personal discovery.

It will allow you to be a Life Coach with communication power, competence, motivation, and influence.

You can help your clients understand and overcome the fears and anxieties that limit their lives.

The program bases its teachings on concepts philosophical, psychological, and theological.

Who is this program for?

For people who wish to participate in coaching training.
Coaches, educators, healthcare professionals, therapists, counselors, mentors, administrators, managers, customer service representatives or/and human resources.
Professionals of all kinds who want to expand their knowledge and skills at the work level.
People who want to influence and maximize their professional skills positively.
People who are passionate about their personal growth and are searching for self-improvement and excellence.

Benefits of our training

The program is completely in Spanish.
Online classes from your computer, tablet, or mobile.
Personalized advice with theory and practice sessions.
Payment plans are available.

Ivette Llamas

Founder of Life Coach Learning Center.

Academic preparation:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.
  • Practitioner & Master Coach in Neurolinguistic Programming. Accredited by the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards Education Certification.
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), from the University of Miami, Florida (UM).

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